Best WordPress Plugin 5 Easy
Best WordPress plugin

Best WordPress Plugin 5 Easy

Best WordPress plugin guide is to help you to share the best WordPress plugins everyone needs for a WordPress Blog.

5 Best WordPress plugin

Best WordPress plugin
Best WordPress plugin

This guide is to help you to share the best WordPress plugins everyone needs for a WordPress Blog.

Everyone struggling with finding the right plugins of WordPress and by comparing it with others they do the installation of such plugins that are not worth using.

Unnecessarily installation of plugins can slow down your website speed.

Missing plugins with WordPress can lack you to get additional advantages that WordPress is offering.

Before explaining every individual plugin, I assure you that these are all tested and free to use do not purchase a premium plan of these plugins. Best WordPress plugin

1- Akismet- Anti Spam

Every plugin free plan its good enough to help your blog safe secure and consistent growth.

Multiple people are running auto bots to log in your website and try to create backlinks either by commenting or modifying your blog content.

To avoid such spammy activities Akismet-Anti Spam is the best plugins.

Simply adds to your WordPress plugins lists and you can take an relaxings nap and no one can breachs your website at any cost.

Its main idea is to prevent any Spam comment to be added to your database and secure your website from malware.

2- JetPack by WordPress

Here what we discuss is WordPress .org not

WordPress.Org is what you are using, which is a self-hosted blogging platform.

This has an limitations and every features should be broughts by users by installing requireds plugins.

But JetPack will help you to bring cloud hosted features to your self hosted Blogging platform.

Helps you to automates sharings your newlys publisheds posts on social media.

The best advantage is’s social media auto-sharing options.

While you hit publish the same post will be auto share on all connected social media profiles.

It is amazing and widely used plugins which reduce much of your efforts and this is our number 2 Best WordPress Plugins.

3-TinyMCE Advanced

If you have done the installation of WordPress then default your text editor will have limited options for fonts, alignment the addition of images et.

Even the addition of images will be a quite complex job in some cases you would have to edit HTML code.

To add more variety of fonts and various others feature, do install the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.

You can change the font size easily and will make your writing experience easy and simple.

This is for Editor changes and number 3 among the best WordPress plugins. Best WordPress plugin

4- W3 Total Cache

Every website on the internet world is competing with each other to get space among Top 10 ranking pages.

So the best solution is the caching, it will help to store caches for the casual visitor to your website.

This will minimize routing time to send a request by the user to your hosted server and response to the back.

W3 Total cache will store all the page details to the user browser so next time.

In such a way load to the hosted server will get minimize and your website speed get increase but makes sure in the ideal case you should buy good hosting service,

learn here which one is the best hosting service and why it is recommended by WordPress.

Now we have completed with number 4 caching plugin among the best WordPress Plugins.

5- Yoast SEO

This time competition lies in SEO, yes every page must be a search engine optimization friendly.

This will create an additional benefit for your post to the top rank in google. Best WordPress plugin

On-Page or Of-Page SEO, which requires manual mapping what you have done is correct or not.

But the best part of Yoast Seo is helping you to check all those lists while you creating content.

Provide your target keyword in Focus keyword and do write your content.

It checks all points with your written content and does notify you if any corrections required with interlink, outside link, target keyword density.

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